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Neverball (Review)

Neverball is one of those unique little gems of a game you run across only every once in a while. It's not quite a puzzle game, it's not quite a physics game.



Ultrastar Deluxe (Review)

Ultrastar Deluxe aims to be the free and opensource clone to retail developer London Studio's SingStar titles. Add to it the fact that despite coming with its own starter kit of songs to sing to and the ability to have up to six singers, you can also add your own MP3 tunes and lyrics on your own.  All of this wrapped up in a very well made, very fluid feeling GUI would make just about anyone think that the developers involved in this project really hit a homerun, right?  Unfortunately, not.

Unknown Horizons Developer Interview (Preview)

Unknown Horizons is an up-and-coming 2D economic strategy game that has been under steady development for the past 1.5 years and is still considered to be in the "early development phase" according to the project website.  Inspired by Sunflower's Anno series of economic settlement games, which focus more on economy and city building rather than military bloodshed, Unknown Horizons already has a playable alpha release for both Windows and Linux, and word has it that a Mac version is on the way and will arrive soon.  FOSG interviewed one of UH's project coordinators Thomas Kinnen on the current and future states of Unknown Horizons.

Secret Maryo Chronicles (Review)

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a game that is not bashful in telling you exactly what it aims to do (to be a Super Mario Brothers clone with slight variations) and then goes ahead and does it right before your eyes. With colorful, well-made aesthetically pleasing visuals combined with classic platformer gameplay and right-on audio, you just might have to take a step back and see if what you’re playing isn’t a Nintendo title.

Urban Terror (Review)

Fast-paced team-based action based on the Quake III Arena engine is exactly what you get with Urban Terror. A mix of realistic changes to the default Q3 engine combined with holdover features and add-ins such as wall-jumping and power-sliding make this a worthy entry in the first person shooter/tactical team-based genre.

0 A.D. (Preview)

0A.D. (pronounced "Zero Ay-Dee" as in the year) is a historical-based real time strategy freeware game currently in development.  The game made news within the open source community in July 2009 when the developers, Wildfire Games, decided to switch their development model from a closed source to an open source model, in short to garner help from the community to not only improve upon the game but also move closer towards its completion.

Counter-Strike: 2D (Review)

CS2D is, to be sure, a game that rides on the coattails of one of the most influential games of this decade. That game would be Counter-Strike by Sierra Entertainment, and all of the add-ons and additions to the franchise that came with it over the years. CS2D attempts to take the best portions of that gameplay, and bring them into the top-down 2D world, similar to the Grand Theft Auto games, pre-3D.